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Plush Puppets
16 Inch Wooden Marionettes
9 Inch Wooden Marionettes
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12 Inch Curly Yarn Puppets

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Ballerina Pigs
12" Ballerian Pigs
12" Mermaid Puppets
Small Plush dogs
12" Border Collie, Yorkie, and Maltese dog. Individually packed.
16"Feather Birds
16" Feather Bird Puppets, Solid color body. Package assorted with 6 Different colors.
12"Small Feather Birds
12" small size feather bird puppets. Multi-color body.
20" Funky Walking Dogs
20" Plush Funky Walking Dog Puppets. Assorted with 6 different colors.
20" Walking Ducks
20" Plush Funky Walking Duck Puppets, assorted with 6 different colors.
36" Big Birds
Individual package
36" Big Bird Puppets. 6 different Colors. Customers can pick up individual color.